Jahresbericht 2018

(Derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar)

Spot the Dot: Verein zur Förderung des Bewusstseins für verschiedene Arten von Hautkrebs Talgasse 4/25 1150 Vienna, Austria ZVR-Zahl: 1717374860
Spot the Dot is a foundation working with artists from around the world to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. The aim of the projects is to encourage people to start a conversation with their loved ones (and their physician) about the importance of prevention and detection of skin cancer.

Projects which have been realised in 2018

  • Partner of Dutch National Skin cancer day
  • Collaboration artist Justin Tsui & Frameworks
  • Group exhibition + party in Vienna
  • Collaboration with Art professor Alberto Santos in Spain
  • Short film production by artist Antonio Semerara
  • Kuwait exhibition + lecture
  • Social media campaign with photographer Tim Cavadini
  • Novartis: Rebel Against Skin cancer video campaign
  • Rebel against skin cancer pin design and production
  • Collaboration with Stichting Melanoom on the Discover Your Spot campaign
  • Social media collaboration with VIU eyewear
  • Social media collaboration with Marc Inbane
  • Press campaign in Austria and Netherlands
  • Department of Dermatology at Medical University Vienna, donation of microscopic images of human skin tumor microrays
  • Sticker production
  • Feature in Street art guide Vienna
  • Feature in /slash film festival guide Vienna

Plus ongoing daily Social Media campaigning


In total we have received an additional 200 Euro from Spot the Dot members and an additional 600 Euro on donations during events as well as additional product sponsoring for events from Marc Inbane, Montana Cans, Makava, Muti. We have received a donation of 30,000 Euro from Novartis Pharma GmbH to realise the Rebel against Skin cancer video series. www.spottthedot.org/rebel

We are happy to specify any details about our projects, please email us your questions at any time: contact@spotthedot.org