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Since the day we started, we work with people from around the world to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Together we aim to encourage people to start a conversation with their loved ones (and their physician) about the importance of prevention and detection of skin cancer. Meanwhile we have worked with hundreds of people, from graffiti artists to film makers, doctors, patients, fashion designers and everything in between. Find several examples below.

Street artists


Travis Pastrana

American crossmotor stuntdriver, famous by his show Nitro Circus supports Spot the Dot and would like to encourage everyone to raise awareness for skin cancer.

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Univ.Prof. Michael Micksche, MD

Head of the Cancer Aid Vienna

„This is a very important initiative for skin cancer prevention. Early detection provides the bases for curative therapies. We know that incidence of both pigmented lesions (malignant melanoma) and also non-pigmented lesions (non-melanoma skin cancer) is increasing. Therefore this campaign is able to educate people to check their “spots” in order improve the outcome and decrease number victims of these malignant diseases“

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Sam Rulz

Tattoo artist

„I’m a tattooer and have been for 10 years now. My experience working very closely with the skin has shown me the dangers and damage caused by the sun. I’m passionate about people staying out of the sun and protecting their skin.“

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