Member of the Global Melanoma Patient Advocacy Coalition

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Spot the Dot is an official member of the Global Melanoma Patient Advocacy Coalition (MI-PAC) and a global workgroup aiming to join forces on raising awareness of melanoma on a global level. Our founder Marije Kruis, founder of Spot the Dot joins regular workgroup meetings and travelled in November 2019 to Salt Lake City to talk about the importance of raising awareness amongst young people and in social media in particular.

About MI-PAC

This international coalition is composed of patient advocacy organizations whose mission is to educate patients and their caregivers/families about melanoma, to ensure access to clinical trials and approved drugs, to facilitate the approval process in their respective countries, and to raise awareness about prevention and early detection of the disease. Each organization is legally recognized, independently run, and active on social media.

MI-PAC includes representatives from Argentina, Australia and Tasmania, Brazil, Pan-Latin America, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Italy, France, Austria, The Netherlands, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Spain, The United Kingdom, United States.

MI-PAC provides an environment for global patient advocates to acquire the tools and resources to successfully advocate on behalf of their melanoma communities. MI-PAC also provides advocates opportunities to network with Key Opinion Leaders and healthcare professionals, and to share the perspectives of patients and their caregivers/families with the international melanoma community.

MI-PAC participants meet twice yearly. These conferences enable the advocates to keep abreast of the ever-evolving melanoma environment so they can better serve patients, and their caregivers and family members.

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