DeVal Restaurant X kostenloses Spot the Dot Eis

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People who have been following Spot the Dot, know that we like to do things a little different. This time we teamed up with award-winning Austrian fine dining restaurant DEVAL for something special…

If you are located in Vienna and you have time on Thursday September 17 at 16.00 make sure to attend this event


Evelyn and Daan from DEVAL restaurant were thinking of a way to help the non-profit organization Spot the Dot in their quest to raise awareness of skin cancer amongst young people. How do we find a positive and fun way to get people to think about prevention and detection of skin cancer? Now the summer is slowly coming to an end, we tend to forget that „spotting the dots“ on our own skin is important all year round. We figured @DEVAL doing a special #spotthedot ice cream #giveaway, could be the perfect reminder.


Everyone in Vienna is welcome to stop by DEVAL restaurant (outside) on Thursday September 17 between 16.00-18.00 to get free ice cream with some fitting #spotthedot toppings.*


What is the catch? Well, there really is non. You can stop by to treat yourself to one of the unique flavours which fine dining chef Daan de Val will make for this event. All #icecream is made with local ingredients. Ofcourse we make sure there will be #vegan, #lowsugar and #lactosefree options as well. What we hope for is that, while eating that delicious dotted cone of joy, you are reminded to spot the dots and you make note of suspicious changes on your skin.


Doblhoffgasse 5
Vienna, Austria 1010
Right behind the parliament
In walking distance from U-bahn station Rathaus and Volkstheater

* Please note: We’ll load up our ice cream mobile with a ton of freshly home-made ice cream, but don’t come late as we will run out of products (ice cream) at some point. First come first serve.


We love ice cream
We hate skin cancer

If you want to go the extra mile to support this initiative, invite your friends to this event and post a picture of your ice cream on your social media on the 17th!
#spotthedot #devalspotsthedots #loveicecreamhatecancer #skincancerawareness
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Each year more and more people are diagnosed with melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Skin cancer is meanwhile in the top 3 of the most common cancer types amongst young adults. When prevention fails, catching skin cancer early is crucial and highly treatable. Taking note of changes on your skin is key – Make sure you spot the dot! More info via


Due to covid-19 we will be outside in front of the restaurant with the ice. We ask everyone to keep 1,5 meter distance in case of cueing.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen! 🙂

#spotthedot #skincancerawareness