Sponsors & friends

“A special thank you to Miriel and Mandi from BLAEK Design Studio who are the creative minds behind the visual identity of Spot the Dot, without them we would not have started this foundation. Another shout out to Michael Pasterk who is the brain behind all administrative issues (oh and we had so many). I’d like to thank my partner Johannes Riegler for always supporting my (sometimes crazy) ideas and for living with an apartment full of Spot the Dot merchandise and artworks stacked up in every corner. I could write many pages on statements for every single person who helped me throughout the years, many of these ended up in friendships for life. I made an attempt for a list of people and brands who have supported us throughout the years but the truth is that it is only a beginning.  I want to thank all people who took their time, love and energy to support our campaigns and events. You all rock! ” –Marije Kruis

Thank you:

Abrar Allahou, Alberto Ardid, Amro Adnan, Anakina, Andrea Zapanta Scharf, Antonio Semeraro, Archivist, Ash Santos & Steph Swamps of Swamps & Santos Studio, Axel Schindler, Aziz Mutawa, Be Cafe Kuwait, Bernhard Kettner, Beton Studio, Better agency, Birgit Scholz, Black Dynamite Soundsystem, BLAEK Design Studio, Blue Rebel, Bouwmaat Groningen, Carina Lindmeier, Chiara Sarto, Chris Versteeg, Christian Fischer, Claudia Fromaschitz, Cool Shit Club, DAT mag, David Bowie, De Frietfiets Noord Nederland, De Wolven, Death and Loori, Mario from digital-workshop.at, Doris Schiffer Photography, Dr. Jorrit Terra (UMCG), Dr.Knoche/Clor, Eiland Wien, Elisabeth Feldner, Europapier, Eva García Gonzalez – Igual Arte Foundation, Eva Staber, Eva Waterbolk, Eva Wolf, Farbraum Wien, Feestverhuur Groningen, Florian Lierzer, Fotodoos, Frau Isa, Freek Werkman, Georgilia Lidova, Gilbird Styling, Habitación con Vistas Project, Hisham Mohammed, Huidfonds, Ilcappo photography, Improper Walls team, Ingo the Gringo, Jehan Muraish, Jelle Chill, Johannes Riegler, Joost Dijkema, Justin Tsui, Kaldi koffie, Katharina Löffelmann, Käthe Benda, Klaas Boter, Knal feestverhuur, Kyra Macco, L’leta van Gom, Laureen Langkamp, Len Lorijn, Liko Films, Liquitex Artist Materials, Marc Inbane, Mariella Lehner, Mario Roeder, Markus Tozzer, Martyn Marsland Mills, Melanie Zickl, Michel Velt, Mohammed Mayya, Monika Georgieva, Montana Cans, Mozes and the Firstborn, MUTI, Nabeel Kaakoush, Nadja Büchler, Natascha Kwee, NetzoDruk, Not Necessarily Famous, Novartis, Oliver Toman, Onkruid, Ovylux Producties, Peter Moris, ph1, Phyllis Josefine, Pivo Brouwers, R.C. Sullivan, Rassil Haidar, Rebel Rebel Hostel, Rick Biemolt, Runforkovver, Ruud Nova, Sander van Boxtel, Screen70 zeefdruk, Shabby Cabs, Siebdruck-Corner, Snowburner, Stay Gold Grafix, Stichting Melanoom, Super Rebel, Swain, Tania Muhonen, Teddy Kelly, The Hague Street Art, The Heavy Minds, Tim Cavadini, Tim Neugebauer, TOET het toetjesparadijs, Tyson Bodnarchuk, Ü Lokal, Ulrich Frey, Vavooom creative agency, Viadukt Screen Prints, VIU Eyewear, Yara Hindawi, Young Translators, Zoé Déjean, 3TAC BV and so many more friends, family, artists and visitors of our events.