We will make a sixty meter long ‘Rebel against skin cancer’ street art mural on June 15!

Six street artists will turn a 60 meter long wall into a piece of art dedicated to raise skin cancer awareness for Spot The Dot on June 15 in Vienna, Austria. With this project we hope that this giant piece of art (and the event) functions as a conversation starter.

Visit the live painting

Stop by to have a look at the live painting at Schwendergasse Public Gallery on the way to Improper Walls and AA Collections galleries. They are right around the corner from the wall. Attend the Facebook event hereĀ 


Artists: Mariella Lehner, David Leitner, Sebastian Schager, Anny Sophie Wass, Adam Cohen, Rosabel Rosalind, and Neda Nikolic.
Curators: Improper Walls, Aa collections and Jan Arnold
Supported by Montana Cans (official)
Event photographer: Doris Schiffer

#spotthedot #skincancerawareness