Birgit Scholz: The Sun is Always Shining I+II


ARTIST:Birgit Scholz
TITLE: Sun is Always Shining I
Sun is Always Shining II
DETAILS: Hand painted used skate decks
PRICE: 150 EUR p/piece (upon request per email)
Set of 2 skate decks: 275 EUR (set via webshop)

Spot the Dot is a foundation using urban art to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. We work with artists from all over the world who make exclusive “art against skin cancer” and donate it to our cause. Their art is available here and 100% of the profit goes to our foundation. By buying a nice piece of art you enable us to organise more awareness campaigns worldwide and perhaps by having one of these beautiful art prints in your home or using it as gift, you have a conversation starter to encourage others to do self-exams for early detection of skin cancer. Read more on our website 

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