Our very first browser game

We’ve been reminding people for the last six years to spot their dots. But not everyone knows how to recognize suspicious moles on their skin. That is why we have worked hard on the… *drum rolls*

Check a Mole game!

Our very first browser game 5

You can play it on your phone, tablet, or desktop for free. The aim of our game is to teach people the ABCDE rule of skin cancer in a fun and playful way and to raise awareness of the importance of skin checks. The more people play the game, the more awareness we can raise. So please take a few minutes to play and to let your loved ones play.
Simply visit: www.spotthedot.org/game

Please note: self-exams are important, but should not replace the annual skin exam performed by a physician but they do offer the best chance of detecting the early warning signs of skin cancer. If you notice any changes in an existing mole or discover a new one that looks suspicious, always be safe and consult a doctor. Early detection can be crucial and can save your life.

Our very first browser game 6

Play & Win

If you complete the game, you can subscribe to our highscore list for a chance to win Spot the Dot prizes! There will be a random draw from entries to choose the winners, you don’t need to have the very highest score to win.

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